Open Audition for 2025 Show

This is essentially our introductory session and general audition rolled into one, giving every potential new member of the cast an opportunity to meet some of the Team and to try out some singing, dancing and acting in a safe and supportive environment with members of the 2024 cast who are returning to do it all again.

Sunday 14 July 2024
1230hrs Welcome Picnic (come any time from here onwards)
(for both returning cast and newcomers – bring your own munchies)

Be prepared to sign in and registration (if you haven’t pre-registered – there will be a form to complete).

1350hrs Registration Desks Close (please arrive before this time)

1400hrs Open Rehearsal Begins

1630hrs Time to Head Home

This year we are running this single event as a way of bringing both experienced and new cast members together. We want to get as many of both into a rehearsal space so we can all see what our cast might look like. It helps us to finalise decisions about the content of the Show and to understand how best to structure our audition programme.

If you really can’t make the date, please still get in touch to let us know. We can then keep you informed about the rehearsal schedule (from Sept onwards) and add your information to the records. Not attending does not mean you can’t join but it would be good to see you.

Please read everything on this page before making a decision.
If you have any remaining queries, please contact: [email protected]

Pre-Registration and Confirmation:
If you were a cast member for the 2024 Show, please confirm you are returning via this short form

If you are new, or if you are returning having been a cast member prior to the 2024 Show, please pre-register using this form.

Essential Information:
A registration fee of £26 per cast member will be payable before 30 September 2025 (not needed before the Workshop but definitely before rehearsals commence). This is non-refundable and will be paid via a GoCardless payment system which is linked to Online Scout Manager (the online tool we use to capture everyone’s information and to communicate with cast, crew and parents.

Rehearsals are held on Sundays at Botley Primary School. Cast members are expected to attend every rehearsal (other than if they are too unwell to attend, or there is an unavoidable clash with something essential) unless they are told they are not required on that date. This is a really important element of putting the Show together, but also teaches the value of commitment and determination. It takes commitment and dedication from parents as well but the results are so worth it – when you sit in that auditorium in February you will see exactly what we mean!

One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to arrange lift shares with other parents – this will cut down your time commitment but also provides an opportunity for cast members to form even stronger bonds with each other as they share journeys to and from rehearsals, as well as strengthening their independence and resilience. All of these are essential life skills.

We will have parent groups to aid communication and to give newcomers an opportunity to ask questions of other parents and discuss potential lift shares and arrangements. It will also create an even more supportive framework for the parents and carers who become part of the Gang Show family.

Rehearsals are usually run as follows:

0930 – 1215hrs
Dance Team (Senior Gang only, who then stay during lunch)

1230 – 1330hrs
Mini Gang*

1315 arrive, for 1330hrs start – 1700hrs
Junior and Senior Gangs

We say usually because there are some rehearsals which will be run a little differently, particularly for cast who are in acting parts. Details will always be provided ahead of time.

* Mini Gang will be performing one item during the Show and rehearsals are shorter because of this. On the final performance (the Saturday night) they will make an extra appearance – full details will be provided to parents. On the last two or three rehearsals, we will ask the Mini Gang members to be with us for longer, so that they have an opportunity to rehearse with the other Gangs and learn some essential hand-actions!

Important Dates:
Sun 29 Sept 2024
Auditions for soloists, actors and dance team (times tbc – keep it free!)
Please note: this will be the ONLY audition for the Senior Gang dance team

Sun 6 Oct 2024
First main rehearsal

Sat 15 Feb 2025
Technical Rehearsal at the Theatre

Mon 17 Feb 2025
Dress Rehearsal at the Theatre

Tuesday 18 to Saturday 22 Feb 2025
Show Week!

More information coming soon, including Code of Conduct and Parent Handbook
Follow us on Facebook to see updates and news (@OxGangShow)

Parking at Botley School
Other than for people with a Blue Badge, there is no parking on site at the School. As part of our agreement with the Trustees, we also have to ensure that there are no parent cars coming into and up Elms Road so please help us to keep to this promise. We must not jeopardise our relationship with the School, so ask all parents and carers to be mindful of this. [Parking is available for crew and adult cast members who drive only.]

For cast members and their chauffeurs, please park at Elms Parade or West Way, which is just across the other side of Botley Road. Parking is free and there is plenty. It is a short walk across the road (using a safe crossing) and up Elms Road, and you will find you are walking with everyone else. It’s an opportunity to make those all-important connections and for the cast members to get to know each other too.

Tuck Shop
We will have a tuck shop available for all participants to purchase something dreadfully unhealthy (but completely yummy). Please bring some cash along with you.